Terms of Sale


The present terms and conditions of sales shall apply to all orders completed via


Orders are placed through the Personal Account. A file is accepted for processing and translation once the file in an acceptable format has been uploaded by the user of the website onto their own Personal Account and once the advanced payment has been processed on the basis of the order confirmation which is sent to the e-mail address provided by the user upon registration and which contains a link for payment by credit card. Please note that the said payment option may be not available for certain users outside Russia. Please make sure you have checked the availability of payment option in advance before downloading the file for translation. The deadline for delivering an order and any penalty for delay shall be negotiated individually for each order. Under no circumstances shall the penalty exceed the amount specified by the effective legislation. In case of transborder sales, the applicable law shall be the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

We retain the right to refuse to process and implement any order, including by reason of inadmissible or illegal content of the file submitted by the user, by sending a notice to the user and by immediately deleting the file.

Keeping in mind the distant format of services, we do not process and we do not translate personal documents and documents of education, including but not limited to passports, birth certificates, marriage and divorce records, transcripts, diplomas, as well as we do not provide services for getting such documents and its translations certified by a notary or by any other authorized agency or organization.


The user of the website agrees to use it at their own risk and AS IS. Although we take every reasonable step to protect the data, we hereby do not guarantee the absence of technical failures and malicious attacks during any period of operation of the website. The user of the website agrees to use reasonable care before placing an order on this website. We hereby deny any responsibility for temporary unavailability of the website as a result of any technical failures or the circumstances beyond our reasonable control, as the case may be. 


Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any losses or damages whatsoever resulting from loss of data or profit, or in connection with the use of this website. We do not provide any guaranties or representations, other than those specified in the Written Translations Guarantee Section, with regard to the completeness, reliability, fitness for a particular purpose of this website. 



Given that, under the effective law, written translations fall under the definition of services, an order that has been delivered may not be cancelled and the translation that has been delivered may not be returned.

Should you have any reasonable claims concerning the quality of translations or if there are any faults with any completed order during the next 6 months after it has been delivered to your Personal Account, we undertake to double-check it and to make necessary corrections, if any, under the guarantee (See Written Translations Guarantee Section).




Despite our confidence in the quality of our services and competence of our staff, still there may occur some technical errors and typos as well as other failures and differences in interpretation of content. 

Therefore, we provide you with a 6-month guarantee for all the completed orders, under which all the reasonable claims from our customers may be accepted and relevant changes may be made free of charge. The deadlines for making changes and reasonable perfection shall be negotiated individually for each order.

The claims are accepted with regard to the completed orders only, which have not been changed by third parties.