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Cost of Running a Business Calculator

Here you can get rough estimates on your business expenses and learn whether to expect profits or losses before setting up a business in Russia. It's our in-house tool offered for free as it's a bit raw. The applicable VAT rate is needed to calculate your tax amount. Though VAT is an indirect tax, i.e. it's included in the price to be passed off to the customer, and cannot be treated as an expense, people sell at the price that a customer can afford and it's dependent on market conditions. When it comes to VAT deductions, often either they are not applicable or direct material costs are too low. In accounting, the profit is calculated based on the revenue, excl. VAT, and the prime cost figures. The corporate income tax rate is another 20%. Therefore, this calculator cannot be used to calculate the corporate income tax. Any feedback is welcome
Total cost (profitable)

Total cost (not profitable)